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Fantastic local place for a massage -- I cannot imagine anyone being disappointed. Easy scheduling, accommodating schedules with time to relax before and after, and most importantly SUPERB therapists who know the body, care about the clients, and just give a wonderful service.   Best massages I have ever had.    Cannot recommend enough!!  The prices are also reasonable.   Wonderful, wonderful massage ... go!!

     - E.M.

Jodi McKean
Jodi has been a State and Nationally Certified Massage Therapist since 2009, a member of the Associated Bodyworks & Massage Professionals and is also a member of the Society for Oncology Massage. She specializes in Prenatal and Deep Tissue massage and has extensive training in Oncology massage. Jodi has had personal experience and success treating a wide range of injuries such as sciatica, lower back pain, neck strain, and IT Band issues. However, her passion really is meeting people wherever they are, using her intuition and knowledge of the body to guide her. It is her belief our bodies are instruments we use to perform in life. Like any tool, the body needs to be maintained. Massage is essential to maintenance and rehabilitation. Her approach is to focus on empowering my clients to be their best every day.

​​Dana Seiders
Dana is a recent happy transplant of Colorado by way of California due to her husband's military career. She is mother to a 4-year-old daughter and 3-year-old son. Dana received her massage training in San Diego, California at the Healing Hands School of Holistic Studies.  It was here that she discovered her passion for bodywork. In school she was trained in Sports Massage, Deep Tissue, Swedish and Shiatsu while also discovering the integral role kinesiology and pathology play in massage therapy. As a collegiate athlete in Waterpolo, a swim coach and certified yoga instructor she was always drawn to careers that focused on sport and the body.  Her strength and focus is on therapeutic massage through deep tissue work. Dana believes in the connectedness of the body, mind and spirit and that if you are able to make an improvement in one, the others will soon follow. Her approach takes into account all muscle groups and how they work together in order to create the greatest release and reduce any pain or discomfort being experienced. Dana is a life long student and loves to treat clients with various needs from which she can learn. She is continually researching new techniques to better prepare herself for her clients.

Kale Dennis

Kale Lee Dennis is a Certified Natural Therapeutics Specialist and Licensed Massage Therapist. For Kale, it is an honor and gift to be of service through therapeutic massage and energy therapy at The Body Bar. He seeks to have a calming presence, an intuitive touch, and treatments that are both balancing and relaxing. While born and raised in Colorado, Kale has lived, studied and worked all over the world, including the United States, Latin America, the Carribean, and New Zealand. Kale's first exposure to the healing arts began in 2001 with a training in the Japanese-based technique Usui Reiki. In 2009, he received his certification in Natural Therapeutics and Massage Therapy from the New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics. For the past seven years, Kale has given massage and energy therapy treatments professionally to more than a thousand people all over the world. Over the years, Kale has either taught or received training in Herbal Medicine, Polarity Therapy, Core Synchronism, Acupressure, Shiatsu, Polarity Reflexology, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Medical Qi Gong, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Aroma Therapy, Swedish Massage, Prenatal Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Chair Massage, Myofascial Release, Flower Remedies, Obsidian Therapy, Nutrition Therapy, and Meditation. He is thrilled to be back in Colorado offering treatments and pursuing a Master's Degree in Classical Five Element Acupuncture at ITEA in Louisville. He continues his passion for travel and enjoys keeping up his Spanish. Kale loves what he does and is happy to offer treatments that help support the body’s natural ability to heal.

Dorie Bachmann - LMT
​Dorie graduated from BCMT in 2012, and has lived on the front range her entire life. With a strong will and nurturing spirit, she knew from a young age that massage therapy was the career for her. Dorie has worked with many different people in a variety of settings, and pulls from her knowledge of dance and body movement to provide a unique and fluid massage for each client. Dorie meets every client with a humble and beautiful smile and friendly manner, and enjoys working with her clients to manage long-term conditions such as migraines and chronic pain. Her specialties include neck and shoulder work as well as deep relaxation. In her spare time, Dorie loves being outdoors, climbing, and dancing.

Drew Heflin - BFA, LMT
Drew is a farm boy from Maryland who fell in love with dancing at a very young age. He attended Towson University on full scholarship and received his BFA in dance performance. He then moved to NYC to perform professionally, and weekly bodywork became a ritual for him. Drew decided to move to Boulder to attend Boulder Massage Therapy Institute so he could help others stay healthy and achieve their greatness. After graduation, Drew moved back to New York to work with performing artists in a PT office. He believes that every massage should be tailored to serve each client's needs and goals. Drew prides himself on his easy-going nature and the comfort of his clients. Drew's specialties are deep-tissue, sports, and Swedish massage, as well as cupping and myofascial release. When Drew isn’t working you’ll find him running, mountain biking, hiking with his wife and dog, and teaching tap dancing.

Lisa Beare - NA, LMT
After many years in the corporate world, Lisa chose to pursue a new career in health care. She completed the Nursing Assistant program at Emily Griffiths in Denver, then attended the Massage Therapy Institute of CO in 2005. She graduated with honors, and after nine years of private practice, Lisa worked in a clinical chiropractic setting in Denver. Lisa's specialties include deep-tissue, myofascial release, sports massage, trigger-point therapy, structural realignment, prenatal and postnatal massage, and reflexology. She is very comfortable serving specially challenged clients with conditions such as spinal cord injury and amputated limbs, as well as with individuals dealing with stressful life situations such as a critical health diagnosis, death, divorce, and/or surgery. Lisa knows firsthand how massage helped her heal from physical, mental, and emotional pain, and wants to share the healing with others. Lisa has an extensive athletic background in both team and individual sports; she also loves science, documentaries, music, travel, and nature.

Catherine DeGraaf - BA, LMT, AOS
​Catherine originally comes from the Chicago area, moving to Colorado right after graduating from Eastern Illinois University in 1995 with a BA in English and French. Catherine worked in customer service and logistical planning, and finally as a technical writer before deciding to pursue a more meaningful career helping others through massage therapy. After graduating from with honors from BCMT, she went on to get her Associates in Occupational Studies (AOS). Catherine specializes in thorough and deliberate deep-tissue work, relaxation and stress-relief therapy, reflexology, and energy work. Outside of The Body Bar, Catherine finds great joy in making home improvements, socializing with friends, camping and fishing in the mountains, and spending time with her son and her dog. She also loves watching movies, cooking, and (above all) traveling the world.

Gina Venturini - AS, LMT
​Gina is originally from Santa Cruz, California, and she moved to Colorado in 1999. She enjoys the outdoors and loves riding horses with her daughter. While in school at BCMT, Gina interned at the Colorado Therapeutic Riding Center (CTRC) in Longmont, providing equine massage for aging and injured horses. She interned at Avista Therapy Center in Louisville, providing massage to prenatal and postpartum women at the Avista Birth Center, and with the Colorado Crush arena football team in Commerce City, providing sports massage to the athletes. She also interned at South Boulder Chiropractic doing prenatal massage for chiropractic patients.  She completed a mentorship at Longmont United Hospital, providing prenatal and postpartum massage.

Client Testimonials

The Body Bar offers a complete massage experience  in a thoroughly professional setting.  I have been for relaxation and therapeutic massage related to shoulder and hip issues. I have never been disappointed and the massages have affected me in many positive ways for days/weeks afterward. I would not refer my friends/family anywhere else.

     - M.G.

Meet Your Therapists

Excellent service, TOP NOTCH massage.  I am already planning on making it a home for the long-term.  I can tell by the therapist that I worked with that The Body Bar is very selective of who they employ ... and therefore I can predict that one would get a great massage from any of their therapists.

     - T.M.

Our massage practice provides a space that is physically, emotionally, and energetically safe for clients of any age and in any stage of health.  In that space, we help our clients meet their goals to recover, improve, or maintain their health and happiness.

We invite our clients to work with our therapists to co-create customized bodywork sessions that meet the clients' individual needs.  We maintain open communication and mutual respect to assist clients with their innate healing process and to increase overall well-being by helping balance the body with the mind, emotions, and spirit.  When all these elements are in harmony, clients develop the power within themselves to live richer and fuller lives.

About Us

Finally, a great place in Lafayette for a massage! As a person with tweaks and soreness from working out often, I felt like they understood what to ask and had great knowledge on how to work on a body. I've had 3 of the therapists work with me and all were wonderful. I highly recommend this place as your go-to location for those who "need" massages to keep your lifestyle going... they GET IT.

     - B.D.