Methods We Use

We have many methods available to us to help patients realize the best health outcome:


Acupuncture/Alternative Medicine
Auricular Acupuncture
Classical Acupuncture (5 Element)
Traditional Chinese Acupuncture
Dietary Therapy and Nutrition
Gua Sha
Lifestyle Coaching
Shiatsu (Acupressure)
Vitamin and Homeopathic Injections





Using video technology, we can stay in touch with our clients and guide them through a self-administered acupuncture/acupressure session.  We will conduct an on-line interview to determine the course of treatment.   We will then guide clients through an acupuncture session showing them which points to stimulate.  We will provide clients with a Star Hammer to stimulate the points, or suggest acupressure techniques.  This protocol ensures that the treatment is individualized to the client's specific needs.

The Body Bar has procured high level immune support through vitamin and herbal supplementation.  We offer the following:
Designs For Health Immune Support Packets:  The manufacturer states, "These packets provide a comprehensive arsenal of immune-supportive nutrients, helping build a strong defense during cold and flu season".  These packets contain a balance of herbs, mushrooms, vitamins and minerals known to provide high level of anti-oxidants and immune support. $101 for a 30 day supply, less than a daily cup of designer coffee.
Jade Windscreen Formula: Used in China as a preventative SARS treatment, this formula containing forsythia fruit and honeysuckle flower was widely considered to be helpful in preventing transmission.  We do not have data to know if it would hinder COVID-19 transmission, but it is supportive of the respiratory system. $22 per bottle for a 10 day supply.
Chai Hu Gui Zhi Tang: A cinnamon and Bupleurum formula helps to keep the chest free, drains heat from the lungs, supports anti-pathogenic Qi, and has anti-viral properties.  This formula is commonly used as a preventative aid for pneumonia.  $22 per bottle for a 10 day supply.

In the age of drive-thru everything, The Body Bar is offering an Immune Boost acupuncture protocol that can be administered at the curbside of our office in the comfort of your own car.  This protocol utilizes acupuncture points on the hands to strengthen the body's vital defenses (Wei Qi) and release invasive pathogens that have managed to penetrate the Wei Qi barrier.  The protocol also serves to calm the mind and restore peace and harmony to the body-mind-spirit.  $60 per treatment.

We also recommend vitamin and homeopathic injections, which can be administered curbside, to support the immune system. 

Issues We Treat

We treat the individual as a whole person, working to restore balance and harmony within the body.  Patients have presented with the following symptoms and been treated with improvements in these areas:

Auto-Immune Conditions
Cognitive Deficits
Menopausal Symptoms
Menstrual Cramps
Sexual Issues
Teen Health
Weight Management


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The Body Bar offers a unique and ancient form of acupuncture called Classical Five-Element Acupuncture (CF-EA). This style of acupuncture is a complete system of medicine that has successfully diagnosed, healed and prevented diseases for over two thousand years. It is one of the most complete, comprehensive, and far-reaching systems of medicine in the world. It is unique in that it addresses the root cause of disease by correcting the physical, emotional, mental and spirit imbalances that cause symptoms to arise.

 CF-EA is a powerful, yet non-invasive system of medicine. By addressing not only symptoms, but also the root cause of disease, acupuncture treatments can over time lead to a restoration of health, improved immunity, youthful energy, emotional balance and openness towards life. As a preventative health care system, CF-EA has traditionally been used to correct small imbalances before they become more serious diseases. Though the list of diseases and conditions that acupuncture can treat is extremely impressive, the effect of acupuncture is not simply relief from a specific condition. Because CF-EA treats the person as a whole, patients often experience additional unexpected changes such as an overall sense of well-being, greater vitality, mental clarity and improved sleep to name just a few. We have all had the experience of feeling unwell or out of sorts in some way, but not necessarily “sick” medically. One does not need to have a named illness per se in order to benefit from treatment.

CF-EA also honors the concept of health maintenance.  In the Eastern tradition, people seek out their acupuncture practitioner to keep them healthy with regular, seasonal treatments. Once health goals have been met, health maintenance may look like treatment sessions four (or more) times a year to correspond with the change of seasons and the highlighting of an element.

Five Element philosophy is all about the rhythms of nature and witnessing those same rhythms within us.