Don't you just hate it when your "One-Hour Massage" is only 50 minutes long?  Not at The Body Bar.

We take great pride in the fact that all session times stated are actual table times.  As long as you arrive early for your session, you get every minute you pay for in actual bodywork, so please be sure to allow yourself some extra time when you schedule your appointment.

We recommend arriving at least 10 minutes early for your first visit, and at least 5 minutes early for subsequent visits.

      Customized Therapeutic Massage                    Hot Stone Massage

        30-Minute Focus Massage - $55                                         90-Minute Hot Stone Massage - $155

        45-Minute Focus Massage - $80                                         Two-Hour Hot Stone Massage -  $190
        One-Hour Massage -  $100
        75-Minute Massage - $120                                                 
Prenatal Massage
        90-Minute Massage - $135                                                 90-Minute Prenatal Massage - $145
        Two-Hour Massage -  $170                                                 Two-Hour Prenatal Massage -  $180

      In Home Massage 

        Add $85 for travel and mileage over 10 miles from our office

        Remote Treatments

       Somatic, Polarity, Biodynamic Therapies and Intuitive Energy Healing - $85
        BodyTalk - $85  


FREE with any service! Let us know your request!

Note:  Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we will assess $10 sanitizing fee to cover the cost of additional disinfecting supplies and time to sanitize. 

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Acupuncture was originally envisioned to be a regular therapy to keep the patient healthy.  Seasonal Treatments are common to keep the body in optimal balance. Acupuncture is also useful for acute conditions that spring up and may need more intensive treatment until the crisis is resolved.  While an hour is generally scheduled for an Acupuncture session, each session is unique to the individual and driven by completeness of treatment, not driven by time.


                                      Initial Intake (Plan 90 minutes)                                 $140

                                      Follow up sessions (Plan 60 minutes)                        $110

​                                      Star Hammer Tele-Acupuncture                                $  85

​                                      Curbside Immuno-Boost                                            $  60


                                      Vitamin and Homeopathic Injection Therapy  $ 40 - $  80

 Injection therapy can be used for Vitamins (including Preservative free B12 and C),

Pain Relief, Arthritis, Physical Trauma, Chronic Muscle Tension, Skin Rejuvenation.